In the last year or two there has been an increased focus on the need to backup your computer. I am frequently asked why this is important. There are two main reasons that you need to backup your computer.

Computer Backup

The first one is that computer parts are for the most part cheap and unreliable. The failure rate of hard drives is 100%, however, just like everything else in life, we don’t know when it will fail. Having a valid backup protects you against system failures.

The second reason is for protection against errors. The number cause of missing or wrong files is accidental deletion by a user. It is true; people cause more issues on their computers than any virus or equipment failure. If you accidentally erase that critical contract or accidentally change information in the wrong spreadsheet, a good backup will be able to restore it quickly and give you peace of mind.

We strongly recommend that your backup not be stored in your office. WE suggest this to protect you against physical threats; if someone turns your office into a drive through or if you have a fire, then your offsite data is still safe.

Complete offsite backups also give you piece of mind in one other way. If you have a significant data problem at the time that CRA is asking you for more detailed financial reporting, If you say, we had a computer. You can answer CRA in two ways. If you say that you have experienced a disaster and you need another month to get their information, they will respond with a “Thank you we await your information’. If you respond with we had a disaster and we don’t know what data we have or if we can get it, they will respond saying that they will be sending over their forensic accounting team. How do you like talking to CRA? I prefer the first method.

Computer Rescue has backup solutions from small backups of your data to complete machine level backups where we can get you a copy of your computer running on a device for you to use while we rebuild whatever needs fixing. Call us at 403.686.4567 or email us at for more information

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