Computer Rescue Works With All Types Of Businesses in Calgary. However, We Are Specialists In A Few Local Industries.

We Serve Your Business In Calgary So You Can Better Serve Your Clients.

Do you wish that you could?

  • Expedite your business proposals, deliverables, and invoices to increase the amount and speed of your revenue stream?
  • Rely on email communications that are secure and always encrypted, from wherever you send or receive them?
  • Depend on IT Service and Support, whenever you need it —24/7?
  • Better serve your clients with cost-effective, customized, up-to-date technologies?

You can, with Computer Rescue.  We’re Calgary’s reliable, responsive, and highly experienced IT Service Provider.

Computer Rescue is a leader in IT Services and Solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in Calgary.  With our investment in resources and talent, we’ve developed a mature Managed IT Services and Support Program. We offer dependable, proven technologies that deliver successful results every time.  We know that IT is the life’s blood of your business.  And your business deserves the best and most cost-effective IT service and solutions available. So we provide them.

Who We Serve

Our customer base in Calgary is comprised of many small to mid-sized companies with diverse backgrounds. However, we specialize in serving companies in the construction industry including, but not limited to:

  • General Contractors
  • Concrete Companies
  • Carpentry and Millwork Services
  • Brick and Masonry Contractors
  • Roofing, Siding, Insulation and Sheet Metal Businesses
  • Electrical Contracting and Service Companies
  • Plumbing Companies
  • Painting Businesses
  • HVAC Companies

No matter what your business, you can benefit from our Calgary IT Service & Support with:  

  • 24/7 Management, Remote Monitoring and Help Desk Services that ensure your technology is always up and running, and functions at peak performance.
  • Disaster Avoidance and Data Protection to ensure your data is there when you need it, is stored safely offsite if your office is flooded or damaged, and protected from unauthorized users.
  • Customizable & Scalable Solutions so you can take advantage of up-to-date software and hardware solutions without spending your precious capital.  Instead, you simply pay a fixed monthly fee, with no maintenance required.  We provide everything.  Plus you can add to your technology as you grow, or scale back in slow times.
  • A Comprehensive Security Solution that protects all your data, email, equipment, and promotes your IT regulatory compliance for privacy.
  • Customized Technology Planning and CIO Services that align with both your goals and budget.
  • Cloud Services that enable you and your staff to work and access your data securely offsite.

We’ll serve your business by providing highly experienced IT Service and Support, so you can better serve your clients.  For a Complimentary Assessment, contact Computer Rescue at (403) 686-4567 or

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