Is your IT company doing everything they can to keep you safe? Security is no joke!

Two Factor Authentication

Every time you turn on the news there’s a story about another data breach.

That’s why your IT company in the Stampede City needs to start talking to you about the latest precautions you can take to keep your system guarded from criminals.

Have you been talked to about the advantages of two-factor authentication?

Your devices will be armed with tools that require unmistakable identification of your employees by using a combination of two separate components to gain access. The combination can include something that the user remembers like a password, something that the user possesses such as a card or USB or something that’s attached to the user, like a fingerprint or facial recognition.

Keep Your Data Safe

You deserve to have all the best technology solutions available that will give your business protection. Now you’ll be safer than ever, restricting unauthorized employees or outside personnel from accessing your company’s sensitive data.

Two-factor authentication can be used on tablets and smartphones, as well as some computer systems. We know your employees use mobile devices to get work done from all over, and you need to know that those devices are properly secured. Data breaches occur all the time because stolen or lost devices aren’t protected. Sometimes a password just isn’t enough security – and you don’t want to wait to learn that the hard way.

  • Two factor authentication and constantly changing passcodes are much safer than set log-in information.
  • Even more, you’ll have the power to choose a maximum number of incorrect entries allowed to reduce the risk of attacks by unauthorized users.

You deserve to have the best technology available to keep your data safe. To gain the security and peace of mind that two-factor authentication offers contact Computer Rescue at or by phone at (403) 686-4567.

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