Architectural millwork and retail store fixture manufacturers – Rainbow Contractors – relies heavily on technology in order to keep them connected. When their previous IT vendor allowed for a major IT failure, Rainbow Contractors needed help staying connected and keeping business flowing. Thankfully, Computer Rescue was able to provide them with immediate, successful solutions that kept business moving.

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When a company experiences an IT failure, significant challenges surround them. With outsourcing, rebuilding, and reconnecting to deal with among other issues, a company can find itself losing serious money and good reputations.

The Situation: A Need for Reliable Technology & Constant Connection for Maximum Uptime!

When Rainbow Contractors began noticing its IT vendor’s lack of diversity of products, they decided a new provider was needed in order for them to keep up. Chris Weening of Rainbow Contractors explains how imperative technology is to their business, saying, “Technology keeps us connected to the office when we are on the road – it is where we have all our job-related information stored, for access and use by various departments and team members.” Along with this, Weening remarks, “If we have downtime with our server or critical design functions, we are losing money!”

Unfortunately, Rainbow Contractors did experience downtime – a major IT failure. Luckily, Computer Rescue was able to give them a detailed overview of their pain points and how they could be solved. Rainbow Contractors was immediately moved from a workgroup to a new server, and from there the improvement process began.

The Solution: An Upgraded & Efficient IT Environment to Ensure Productivity & Connection!

Weening explains, “When we had the major IT failure, Computer Rescue team came and dealt with it immediately and worked extra-long hours until it was solved.”

Throughout all of these hours, Computer Rescue has implemented many improvements to Rainbow Contractors’ IT environment, including:

  • Implementing AVG Cloud Care and Managed Workplace.
  • Offering full MSP services with 24×7 repair & resolution on the server and 12×6 notification on all workstations.
  • Moving them from a workgroup to a new server.

The Outcome: An Understanding of Needs & Technical Expertise to Keep Them Moving Forward!

Rainbow Contractors has noticed significant benefits since building a partnership with Computer Rescue. Weening expresses appreciation for Computer Rescue’s “excellent response time and availability, with a good awareness of what our needs are and how to balance these against our budget.”, as well as their ability to “provide solutions and suggestions based on an understanding of our business needs and how we use technology, not just generic package(s).”

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