If you want your business in Calgary to thrive and grow, you need a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who promotes your overall Objectives, Mission and Vision—A CIO who can bridge the gap between your business and technology goals.  Computer Rescue provides this and more. Plus our CIO Services cost less than hiring your own CIO. 

Computer Rescue’s certified and capable consulting professionals provide the business knowledge and expertise needed to align technology with your short- and long-term goals.  Contact us to learn how:  (403) 686-4567  info@computer-rescue.ca 

Some business owners in Calgary attempt to manage an IT staff on their own.  But with the constant changes in technology, and without a basic knowledge of IT, they find that this is difficult to do, if not impossible.   They often find:

  • The IT team speaks a “techie language” they don’t understand, and isn’t familiar with business management terms.  Computer Rescue’s CIO Specialists translate what your IT employees say, and relay your business goals to them so technology is used to your advantage.
  • The IT staff spends most of their time reacting to problems rather than working to improve operations and increase productivity. Computer Rescue can prioritize and manage IT projects to improve outcomes with cost-effective solutions.
  • Technology expenses always seem to increase but ROI isn’t being realized. Computer Rescue provides affordable IT support and service, and gets you the best ROI possible for your IT investments.

Take your business where you want it to go with CIO Services from Computer Rescue. To speak with one of our CIO Specialists call Computer Rescue in Calgary at: (403) 686-4567 or email us at: info@computer-rescue.ca  

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