When It Comes to Your Backup Solution, There’s No Need to Settle for Limitations! Your Local Calgary Information Technology Consulting Company Offers a More Reliable & Cost-Efficient Alternative to OneDrive for Business!

Many Calgary Information Technology support companies recommend using Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business as a backup solution; however, it might be time to reconsider! As Microsoft Office 365 consultants, we have experience working with Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, and we’ve discovered some very significant limitations associated with using the program. For example:

  • OneDrive for Business has a 20,000 item capacity limit for storing files and folders. This is a fairly small limit that does not change if/when more storage is purchased.
  • OneDrive for Business allows 1 directory and its subfolders to be backed up. This means you’re able to backup your documents but not your configuration settings.
  • OneDrive for Business has a 128-character limit for file names. This limits the amount of details you’re able to include in file names.
  • OneDrive for Business has a 250-character limit for folder and file names combined. This makes it difficult to maintain a well-organized folder structure.
  • OneDrive for Business does not allow you to sync files that are currently opened. This results in a time-consuming and frustrating syncing process.

In addition, OneDrive for Business file names and folder names prohibit the use of most symbols; filenames often contain a # or an &, such as “Blueprint #1” or “Blueprint 1 & 2.” When this happens, you must go and rename those files before uploading. And as the & symbol cannot be used, you’re unable to shorten file names. Instead, you must go and rename those files or receive an error message while uploading.

Looking for a Better Alternative to Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business? Contact Computer Rescue – Your Trusted Calgary Information Technology Consulting Company!

When you’re looking for a better alternative to Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, look no further than our team of IT experts! As a result of the limitations associated with using OneDrive for Business, we are not recommending Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business. Instead, we recommend a different, cloud-based backup product for our clients.

We recognize that the price for a separate cloud backup exceeds what you pay for Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, however, when you factor in the support costs, our cloud backup would cost you far less!

Plus, when you choose to leverage our cloud backup solution, you’re able to rest assured knowing:

  • Your data is encrypted and safeguarded in the cloud.
  • Your backups are tested for recoverability on a regular basis.
  • You’re able to recover your backups quickly if a disaster occurs.

Looking for a more reliable and cost-efficient alternative to Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business? Contact Computer Rescue at (403) 686-4567 or send us an email at info@computer-rescue.ca. 

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