Cybercrime is increasing and is more sophisticated than ever before. In today’s vulnerable IT environment, all businesses are at risk—Even yours in Calgary.

It’s essential to take aggressive and proactive measures to safeguard your business’s financial data, client contacts, confidential information, and intellectual property. 

Computer Rescue offers you an economical way to combat these ever-increasing threats —With our IT Security Consulting.  

For Your IT To Be Properly Protected Requires The Advice From a Security Consultant Who:

  • Protects your technology from malicious attacks in the form of malware, and Cryptolocker-type viruses.
  • Blocks intruders who want to gain access to your vital network resources and data by assuming the identity of an authorized user.
  • Prevents fraudulent activities from affecting your network, and identities theft where a cybercriminal can use a stolen identity to obtain goods or services.
  • Supports compliance efforts with the ever-expanding industry-wide security regulations.
  • Protects your confidential information, your clients’ privacy, and your good reputation.

Computer Rescue’s IT Security Consulting provides all this and more.  Don’t wait until the next malicious virus or hacker robs you of your data.

Contact our Security Consultants at (403) 686-4567 or to schedule a complimentary IT Security Assessment.

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