In 2002, Computer Rescue’s founder, Don Clayton, realized there was a growing need in the Calgary area for home and small-business computer support. He started working part time at night and on weekends to serve his clients’ needs. Before long, he had developed a professional, full-service IT service and support business. In 2006, Don named his successful business Computer Rescue.

Our Founder

Computer Rescue’s founder, Don Clayton, has been working with computers since 1988. It was a skill he adapted to very quickly. He finds it personally rewarding to make his clients happy, and resolve all their computing frustrations.

Our Vision

Computer Rescue’s vision is to be your trusted IT Partner in Calgary, and provide professionally managed IT, support, cloud services, and more. With 5 technicians on call, we are working to increase our client base, and want to be your “go-to” IT Partner for computing issues, questions and requests.

We work to ensure our current clients, and those we serve in the future, trust us 100%. In fact, our entire team of IT experts has undergone criminal background checks, in order to promote a safe and secure work environment for our clients while ensuring they’re able to feel confident knowing their data and confidential information is safe with us!

Our IT Services In Calgary

Computer Rescue offers a full suite of IT services. We supply and maintain computers, along with the programs to run on them. We also offer cloud solutions for your IT security, accessibility, and productivity. This includes backup and disaster avoidance solutions, Microsoft Office products and email services. Computer Rescue has an exceptional response time, even for our hourly clients. We will be responding within an hour to resolve your major issues.

To learn more about Computer Rescue and our IT services for Calgary businesses, call Computer Rescue at (403) 686-4567 or send an email to

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