D.B.K. Engineering Ltd. is a professional mechanical and electrical engineering firm that does design work and various services for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Their services are available locally, nationally, and internationally. When their previous in-house IT person left the company, they knew they needed to find an IT support company that met all of their IT needs while speaking in understandable, non-tech terms.  

As a mechanical and electrical engineering firm, D.B.K. Engineering Ltd. relies on their information technology to stay connected, streamline day-to-day operations, and store all of their files, including drawings and designs.

The Situation: A Need for a Calgary-based IT Support Company to Back Their Data Up, Maintain Their IT Systems & Explain Things in Non-Tech Talk

Prior to leaving the company, their previous IT person wasn’t able to explain situations in understandable, non-tech terms. Chris explained, “He was very cryptic in his description of things, he didn’t explain things in normal talk.”

After their previous IT person left the company, D.B.K. Engineering Ltd. started looking for a reliable IT support company. Chris Matheson, Partner at D.B.K. Engineering Ltd., explained, “We looked at a bunch of different options and one of the people in our office found Computer Rescue. We talked to them and eventually brought them on board.”

He continued, “They were a smaller organization so we knew they’d have a lot of time for us. We looked at a couple other ones that were fairly large, so a lot of their work was out of the office, remotely logging in to computers. We knew Computer Rescue would be more hands on and personal.”

The Resolution: IT Services & Support Designed to Keep Their Information Technology Environment Up & Running at Peak Performance

D.B.K. Engineering Ltd. now benefits from reliable IT services and support to keep their information technology up and running at peak performance. Chris offered some insight, “They maintain our servers and computers. In the future, we’ll probably have a contract with them where they’ll look after all of our computers, software, basically everything.

He continued, “Right now, they’re looking after portions of everything on an as needed basis. Eventually, they’re going to look after our website hosting as well. We’re also looking at cloud backups.”

Computer Rescue also assists them with procuring and implementing new technologies. Chris explained, “We’re relocating right now. In our new office, we’ll have brand new servers. Right now, we have our old server that handles all of our drawings and such. We also have a separate server handling emails. The new server will handle everything – emails, backups, drawings.

The Outcome: Great Products & Services That Offer Fantastic Value – Without Breaking the Bank

Computer Rescue implements great products and provides great services with fantastic value, without breaking the bank! Chris expressed his appreciation, “Computer Rescue is very laid back and easy going. They’ll explain things very well and in terms you’re able to understand! They won’t break the bank but they’re promoting great products.

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