Save Money and Stay Connected With VoIP Business Telephone Services From Computer Rescue.

Many businesses in Calgary have abandoned traditional phone systems in favour of VoIP Business Telephone Services from Computer Rescue. Why? — Because they can make and receive calls via any computer device with an Internet connection, and they save money.

Our Business Telephone Services utilize VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.  Rather than using standard phone lines, your communications flow via the Internet. This provides for cost savings, greater reliability, flexibility and affordability.

VoIP Business Telephone Services from Computer Rescue, are an affordable form of technology that offers the same, sophisticated communication tools your enterprise-size competitors use.  They offer advanced features that would be too expensive to purchase and maintain on your own—With PBX (private branch exchange) capabilities, conference calling, desk-to-desk calling, music-on-hold, and automated attendants.  Plus we’ll monitor your VoIP Business Telephone Services, 24/7 for complete reliability. 

The Benefits You’ll Realize From Our Business Telephone Services: 

  • Reduced telecommunications costs.  Our VoIP Business Telephone Services are much less expensive than using traditional phone services that use expensive-to-maintain infrastructures. You won’t have to maintain separate networks for phones and data.  Plus, the costs associated with changes, relocations, additions or deletions of phones are virtually eliminated. You can simply move your IP phone to your new location, easily, quickly, and without major interruptions to your service.
  • Communicate in ways that you can’t with traditional phone technology. You can use Computer Rescue’s Business Telephone anywhere you have an Internet connection.  You can take it with you when you travel, and simply plug it into the broadband connection wherever you are.
  • Communicate via your laptop. You can send and receive calls using a headphone and microphone connected to your computer. No more missed business calls, even if you’re sitting in an Internet café.
  • Get voice mail and faxes sent to your email. Your voice mails and faxes are automatically forwarded to your email inbox. This way you’ll have all your messages in one place where you can archive them, or forward them on to others.

You can choose to have any available area code, not just one limited to your region.  If you do business with customers in Edmonton, and your business is based in Calgary, you may select to choose a 780 area code.

Increase your productivity. We can configure your system to simultaneously ring on multiple devices, such as your cell and landline phones before going to voice mail.  This eliminates time playing “phone tag” or retrieving messages and returning calls. By using Computer Rescue’s Business Telephone Services, each of your employees can save up to 4 hours a week juggling phone calls. Plus, your clients will be happy that they can reach you immediately.

Stay connected and save money with Computer Rescue’s VoIP Business Telephone Services. Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration.  Call (403) 686-4567 or email us at:

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