Why All The Fuss Over Computer Backups?

Most people rely on computers for many varied tasks. A business owner may use their computer to communicate with clients, send emails to employees and advertise their business. Many pri …

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Why all of the fuss over Computer Backup?

In the last year or two there has been an increased focus on the need to backup your computer. I am frequently asked why this is important. There are two main reasons that you need to b …

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Cloud Security is Essential for Your Small Business. Protect it with a vCIO.  

Internet security has long been a vital aspect not only for individuals, but at the office as well. For growing small businesses, the need to protect assets through Internet security he …

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Getting the Edge with Technology

Ask most lawyers why they chose their profession, and you’re likely to hear a variety of reasons: Some because of others’ expectations, some because they wanted to help peop …

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When your data is held hostage – Arming You and Your business against Locky Ransomware

Despite its seemingly innocent name, Locky, is a newly discovered ransomware that has the ability to take hold of your business’ data, encrypt it and then demand you fork over bit …

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What Is Managed IT Services

Being a small business owner can be tough, we get that. You’ve got to worry about your employees, your customers, your product, and everything in between. The last thing you want …

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Why Small Businesses Need to Take Cyber Threats Seriously

The Internet is an essential tool for small businesses. It enables business owners to efficiently manage their companies and market their brands to the public. But no matter how you pla …

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Effective Businesses Take Advantage of Information Technology

From the beginning of time, every good business owner has searched for a way to make their business more effective and more competitive. In the years since the advent of the computer, b …

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Protecting your business today and always – A 10-Step Guide

Determining and implementing what kind of security measures are best suited to protect your business’ data isn’t always simple. Like with all aspects of your business, your …

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Switching from Evernote to OneNote now easier than ever thanks to implementation of Microsoft’s new tool

Microsoft has been working over the last few years to enrich its OneNote application; transform its initial lecture-hall model into a more versatile day-to-day note-taking app. Most rec …

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