The Hidden Secret to Creating a Strong Master Password

For over 5 decades, passwords have been used to validate access and secure data. In this digital age, most of our digital interactions are still dependent on passwords that we set for v …

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What You Need to Know to Protect Against Cybercrime

Since passwords were used in the 1960s to authenticate users, it had been a constant struggle to secure the database by limiting access to authorized personnel. The complicated past of …

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The Many Problems That Come With Onsite Data Backup

Many companies are still using traditional and outdated backup methods that can cause a myriad of issues. Traditional backup methods, such as, taking a copy of data that is outside of t …

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Creating a Responsible Digital Tattoo

A digital tattoo refers directly o the concept of “what you post online, stays online- forever”. Just like a real tattoo, anything we post online stays there forever. It is …

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5 Reasons To Switch To Microsoft Office 365

In business, keeping up with technology is of the utmost importance, both to keep pace with competitors in the industry, as well as to maximize productivity and efficiency. Microsoft&rs …

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Can You Spot An Online Fraudster Before It’s Too Late?

Fraud has always been a concern in the world of commerce, but with online shopping’s rise in popularity in the recent years, it’s now more important than ever. With so much …

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