The Ever-Evolving World of Financial Regulations: Does Your Financial Management Firm Meet Compliance Requirements?  

In the financial services industry, many financial management firms are facing significant challenges in terms of risk management, customer acquisition and retention, and the ongoing st …

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How Will Your Business React When the Unthinkable Happens?

Business continuity is a part of risk assessment that every enterprise should consider. It is about understanding what risks your business faces and developing strategies to ensure that …

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Ransomware Infects 830,000 Victims Via Advertisements – YOUR Data WILL be at Risk Unless You Follow These Vital Tips!

Your sensitive data is the foundation of your business, but unfortunately, your data is constantly at risk – from natural disasters to human errors to malicious intent, many busin …

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Your Network Is One Of Your Most Vital Assets

Computer Rescue Offers Network Design Consulting to Help You Achieve the Reliable & Secure Network YOU Deserve! Did you know your network is one of your most vital assets? As businesses c …

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600,000 Computers Infected in 6 Months – CryptoWall is on the Rise & YOUR Business Might Be Next!

CryptoWall, a dangerous form of ransomware that’s similar to CryptoLocker, infiltrates users’ computers and encrypts their files, then demands a ransom fee for the decryptio …

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Windows Server 2003 is Nothing More Than a Ticking Time Bomb for YOUR Business

Less Than 300 Days to Upgrade or Face Significant Security Threats & Noncompliance Fines! Windows Server 2003 is joining Windows XP in the operating system graveyard come July 15, 2 …

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Get Ahead of the Curve with These Basic Tips for Microsoft’s Least Understood Tool

Microsoft Excel is a tool most of us use but few of us truly understand. From client lists to call sheets, purchase orders to audits, almost every business person has some use for the d …

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Looking to Minimize Time, Frustration & Expenses in Your Organization?

Outsourced IT Services & Support Significantly Reduces IT Costs by up to 63% for Businesses in Calgary! As you’re already aware, the world of information technology is evolving …

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The Most Destructive Ransomware on the Internet Infects 600,000 Computers in 6 Months

Does YOUR Network Security Stand a Chance? CryptoWall, a form of ransomware similar to CryptoLocker, infects users’ computers and encrypts their data via spam emails with maliciou …

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Computer Rescue — Your IT Partner In Calgary Alberta.

In 2002, Computer Rescue’s founder, Don Clayton, realized there was a growing need in the Calgary area for home and small-business computer support. He started working part time at ni …

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