Don’t Let Your Battery Life Ruin YOUR Life – Check Out These Amazing Tips For Longer Laptop Battery Life 

Battery life ruining your life? We’ve all been there, and sometimes we simply can’t afford to accept the fate of our dying laptops. Sometimes, we need to milk as much time a …

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Why Two-Step Verification is Important Today & 4 Easy Ways of Producing a Strong Password

In the growing age of technology, almost all financial, business, and personal relations are handled online. What risk does this put our generation in? Are we at risk at all? The answer …

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Three Valuable Content Marketing Strategies Beneficial to Your Company Success

Adopting content marketing strategies may just be what your small business needs to remain up to date and in the rankings with the higher corporate markets. But how do you go about cont …

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Recent Study at Kaspersky Lab Shows Shocking Results! – Is Your Business Informed on Virtual Server Security Threats?

Virtual servers are becoming an on-going tool in the business enterprise world. They take the place of traditional servers that run only one operating system at a time. Instead, virtual …

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Five Cool iOS7 Tips to Show off With at Your Next Party

Do you spend so much time gawking at the new iOS7 design that you don’t even know what cool new features have been added? Do you still joke that Siri is a racist because she can&r …

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The Negative Impacts of a DoS Attack – Is Any Business Safe?

DoS or denial-of-service attacks are an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. This can happen unintentionally through a flood of traffic to a …

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Alberta Gymnastics Federation Looks to Computer Rescue for IT Services and Support Designed to Meet Their Growing IT Needs

Alberta Gymnastics Federation is a nonprofit organization that provides a wide-range of resources & information to recreational gymnasts, coaches, athletes, and judges. As the gover …

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Russian Hacker Hacks into the CNET Website to Raise Awareness About Internet Security Threats – Users Must Change Their Passwords Immediately!

CNET, a popular tech news and reviews website with millions of users, has recently been hacked by a Russian hacker known as w0rm or twitter username: “@rev_priv8.” On July 12th, the …

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Four Amazing Offline Capabilities with Google Chromebooks!

After a rocky start, Chromebooks are starting to make a comeback.  The offline capabilities of Chrome OS are impressive, and Chromebooks are now widely available from Dell, Acer, H …

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Spend & Enjoy More Time at Home with a Super Home Entertainment Network!

As you’re probably aware, sitting at home watching TV no longer means flopping on the sofa and watching whatever the big networks have scheduled for that night. In fact, movies, e …

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