When Your Business Needs the Highest Quality IT Managed Services, Trust Our Team As Your IT Support Company!

As technology becomes increasingly complex, it’s more difficult than ever before to handle IT issues on your own. And as a business owner, you’re far too busy to deal with disruptio …

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Computer Rescue Has the Expertise and Experience Necessary to Eliminate IT Issues for a Busy Construction Company in Calgary, AB!

Panorama Building Systems, located in Calgary, AB, is a construction company that specializes in steel stud drywall for a wide variety of multi-residential, institutional, and commercia …

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PowerPoint’s introduction in 1990 served legal counsels an advantage in setting a more compelling tone of argumentation and case presentations.

Over the years, PowerPoint has made trials more interesting. Its introduction in 1990 served legal counsels an advantage in setting a more compelling tone of argumentation and case pres …

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Let’s take a refresher and get to know tips and tricks to make Microsoft Outlook work faster for you!

Whether we like it or not, Microsoft Outlook is the default email client in most offices. In the midst of shortened, more convenient messaging systems available to us, we cannot do away …

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Data Backup

Is Your Business Prepared
to Survive a Data Disaster?

Data Backup and Disaster Avoidance Are Essential To Keep Your Technology and Business Up and Running At All Times. Businesses that experience a significant loss of data typically ne …

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IT company in Calgary

Why Choose Computer Rescue As Your IT Service Company In Calgary?

Because we’re different from other IT companies. Our clients rave about us, not only for our service but also because of our response time.  In the race for responsiveness, our clie …

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Is Your Business Suffering From Hidden IT Costs That Negatively Affect Your Bottom Line? If So, It’s Time To Consider The Financial Benefits of Cloud Computing.

If your business is like most, you will be purchasing new IT equipment this year. However, have you considered the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for this equipment?  Once you factor th …

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Network Security Calgary

Network Security Is A High Priority For Businesses in Calgary.

Businesses, like yours in Calgary, are increasingly being targeted for their proprietary and sensitive information.  Hackers continue to refine and change their tactics. The standard o …

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Springborough Management Looks to Computer Rescue for Unbeatable Response Times to Resolve IT Issues!

When Springborough Management, a property management company in Calgary, AB, was tired of dealing with their previous unreliable and unresponsive IT support company, they started search …

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IT company in Cochrane

Do You Get Excuses Rather Than
Results From Your IT Company?

You Should Expect More For Your Business in Cochrane. As the second largest town in Alberta, and one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, Cochrane is a great location for you …

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